Experience – Voice Over

Video GameMy Time at Portia by Pathea Games

2017 – Present | Characters: Female Player Character (Voice 1), Merlin, and Sonia

Video GameEastshade by Eastshade Studios

2019 | Characters: Ranya, Teahouse Witch’s Tale, and Teahouse Sailor’s Tale

Video GameHarvester of Dreams: Episode 1 by Christian Waadt

2018 | Character: Female AI Voice

Animated SeriesGods’ School by Gaylord Libessart

2018 – Present | Character: Artemis

Visual NovelA Foretold Affair by GBPatch Games

2018 – Present | Character: Piper

Visual NovelDead Wishes by VIOLET

2018 – Present | Character: Eira Merlo

Mobile GameImperial Ambition by Haypi Games [Cast by Voicedubz Studios]

2018 | Character: Sarah

Original AnimationWhat if Italy was a Pokemon Region? by Mr. Buddy

2018 | Character: Sophia

MachinimaLetters from Vega by AlexS189 and Sean Sullivan

2018 | Character: Dalynn Cross


Experience – Singing

Video Game SoundtrackEden  by Alex Jordon

2018 | Empyrion – Galactic Survival by Eleon Game Studios

Machinima Original SoundtrackThe Verge and The Siege by Alex Jordon

2018 | Letters from Vega by AlexS189 and Sean Sullivan

Machinima Original SoundtrackRadiance and Retribution by Alex Jordon

2017 | Combined Arms Part 2 by Matthew Slattery (Terallian)

Credits Cover Memories from One Piece

2015 | Cover for Team Mugiwara – Craig McDowall and Dib Phoenix


Voice Over Training

Steve Blum’s Teaching Series | June 2018 – Present

Steve Blum’s Advanced Live Coaching | August 2018 – Present

Kira Buckland’s Mobile Game Workshop | September 2018


Personal Singing Training

10+ years of choral singing with local symphony chorus

2+ years of singing with local opera company

2+ years of private lessons

Range: Lyric Mezzo Soprano to Dramatic Soprano


Recording Equipment

Microphones: An Audio-Technica 2035 (Main Mic) and a Rode NT1-A (Backup Mic)

Interface: Presonus Audiobox iOne

Software: StudioOne and Audacity

Sound Treatment: Ultimate Acoustics 2 inch acoustic foam